Hi ladies,

Let me tell you my hair is one of the things I pamper the most.  I love experimenting with news brands and more if they are 100% natural.  Here I will be showing you a new brand Carson Life, yes my dad is the face for this product but not until a couple of weeks ago I started to know more about the brand.  I went to Miami about 2 weeks ago and we were at a meeting, Sonia which is my dads partner for this product started to tell me more about it.

I was intrigue because is really hard to find all natural hair products.  They have all sort of things but I went for the hair products first! Because I mean who doesn’t like to take care of their hair?…  For the hair products they carry Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Fortifying Spray, strongly recommend to buy the 4 products for a better looking hair.  Not only the products are 100% natural but they have good smell and are extremely affordable, these two things are important for me when it comes to buying new products.

I invite you to check it out by clicking below.

Carson Life


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